Writing a Competitive Dispute Letter

Of course, many consumers would want to have high credit scores to show, especially when they just use credit cards in most of their expenditures. Whenever they have high scores, most likely, they are in a good, stable financial situation. Having good credit scores will surely make you have future loans secured. Plus, having high credit scores would also enable you to get loans with much lower interests than usual.

In this case, most consumers are looking for the right credit scoring tips for them to ensure that they can have high credit scores. Of course, so many tips have already talked about how to become a better financial manager, as well as how to manage debt more effectively. However, take note that there are also unfortunate instances wherein you have errors in your credit reports which may hurt your credit score. This is the reason why writing a good dispute letter is still an important tip for having better credit scores.

One of the saddest things in the credit industry is that credit bureaus, more likely than not, have errors in their respective credit reports that hurt credit scores. In fact, one study shows that most credit reports have 79% errors in it. In this case, it is a good thing that the Fair Credit Reporting Act was enacted, which actually enables you to dispute errors in your credit report. And obviously, you need a real good dispute letter for you to be successful.

Here then are some tips that may help you write a good dispute letter:

• Write a personalized dispute letter

Of course, the best dispute letter that you can make is by writing it in a personalized way. This would ensure that you are actually able to write all the disputed information that you want to verify and be corrected. Remember that there are no ready made formats, and all you have to do is to follow the basic instructions is writing such kind of letters. Usually, writing a dispute letter has certain information requirements. This includes your: complete name, complete mailing address, date of birth, social security number, and most importantly, the specific account number that you are complaining and the reasons why you dispute it. In cases that you are disputing multiple information in your credit report, be sure to clearly state it.

• Do not write typical dispute letters that an be found on the net

There are many cases wherein consumers are actually following the tons of sample dispute letters that is available on the internet. It is not bad for you to utilize information from cyberspace. However, this is not a good idea in writing a dispute letter. Take note that credit bureaus have a machine that is called the OCR or the Optical Character Recognition. In this case, the machine would read a dispute letter in comparison to other letters submitted. This is why writing unique letters may make your case stand out from others.

• Consult Credit Repair Agencies

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