Ways to Legally Erase Bad Credit Reports

Many consumers have at least one negative mark on their credit reports. This can be a serious hamper toward getting a job, apartment, credit card, home loan, auto loan, and even a checking or savings account. The good news is that disputing your credit report can be done in a number of ways. There are both do-it-yourself options and choices that require hiring a professional, such as a credit repair company or a private attorney. This guide will give some basic facts on how do exercise any or all of your options when it comes to disputing negative items on your personal credit report. I strongly recommend everyone to read this article closely. By following this simple steps you might save more than your financial status.

The quickest free way to dispute an item on your credit report is by directly contacting the credit bureau, which is normally Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Credit reporting agencies offer three major ways for consumers to try to correct information they see as inaccurate. You can either call the number on your credit report and file a dispute over the phone or dispute the information online. A third option is to write a certified letter to the agency, explaining that you feel certain information is wrong and asking them to remove it. This is possible. To protect your consumer rights, it is usually best to dispute any information online or through the mail. This provides you with a record in case the credit agency does not investigate your claim in a timely manner. In this cases be sure to archive all receipts that might document that you have sent the letters and keep them safe. They might get useful in the future dialogue with the credit card bureau, bank, vendor or in the court of law.

Alternatively, you can also hire an attorney you know, or find one in your community, to write letters to the credit bureaus. This can be an expensive but worthwhile option, as credit bureaus are like any other business in that they do not wish to be sued. Simply receiving a letter from an attorney shows them you mean business when it comes to having a correct credit report. However, realize that if the item is technically correct some attorneys are unwilling to write the letters.

There are also many credit repair companies that send letters for a monthly or one-time fee, but these require careful research. Some of them do no more than spam the credit bureaus, which could cause you headaches in the future. Others do nothing more than what you could do for yourself.

Before hiring any credit repair company, be sure to check their name on Google to see if there are a number of complaints about their services. In addition, run their name through the Better Business Bureau to find out more about their reputation.

Also check your social network and be sure that the companies you are getting involved in are having a good reputation and no or little complains.

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