Top 5 Best Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit

Having bad credit and looking for credit card? Here is some useful guidance for you. Before searching for the providers which specialize to offer cards for people with poor credit, you need to know the characteristics of the best card. A good card should offer:

  • Low interest rate or annual percentage rate (APR)
  • Free annual fee and processing fee
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Credit building services
  • Attractive facilities, such as easy bill pay, direct deposit, free email and messages alerts, etc.

In United States, there are 5 most well known credit cards which offer the best benefits to the card holders:

AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card is very popular among Americans as it offers cash access to its clients at over one million ATMs worldwide. For people who have poor credit history or no credit history, they can apply for this particular card. All the transactions of the cardholders are reported to Payment Reporting Builds Credit, the most popular national credit bureau in United States.

Orchard Bank Classic Master Card is the most well accepted card currently as it is recognized at millions of locations throughout the world. The cardholders are able to manage their accounts in a more convenient manner as they can complete all their transactions online. They are reminded by the bank for their upcoming payment due date through emails and text messages.

First Premier Bank Credit Card is specially designed for people who intend to repair their credit through this card. The cardholders can enjoy low APR. At the same time, the provider of this card reports to the major Consumer Reporting Agencies monthly. This encourages the cardholders to make their payment promptly.

Ultra VX Visa Card offers special features to its cardholders. It offers credit line up to USD25, 000 to the clients. At the same time, the cardholders can enjoy benefits from American Airlines, Southwest, Marriot, jetBlue, etc. whenever they swipe their cards.

New Millennium Bank Secured Black Diamond Visa or Master Card is highly rated by the public as it helps people to repair their credit score. The bank reports their clients’ transactions to all the 3 credit bureaus. By making payment regularly, credit rating will become better.

By knowing the best card in the market, you will be able to obtain a good one so that you can repair your credit within short period. You must utilize the card in a careful way and seize control of your credit.

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