The Best Credit Cards to Save on Christmas Shopping

It’s not that far away. I’m talking about the holidays. Just a few months and you will be expected to have all those presents wrapped and under the tree. But with the tough economic times you have been dealing with this year, where are you going to get the money to do all the shopping you need to get done for the holidays?

Think credit cards.

While you may instantly have had an image of a pile of debt come to your mind, that is not what I am talking about here. There are ways to use your credit cards responsibly and save a lot of money towards your Christmas shopping – take advantage of the rewards.

The Best Rewards Cards

Cash Back Credit Cards

By far the easiest way to do your Christmas shopping is with cash in hand. If you have a cash rewards credit card you can use that card for as many of the family and household purchases as you can during the year and then have the credit card company ship you a cash rewards check just before you get ready to do your holiday shopping. Some of the best cash back credit cards may well feel like you are part of a special Christmas club. You do the purchasing you need to all year long and have a check waiting when you need it.

Catalog Credit Cards

If you are a catalog shopper, catalog credit cards may be your best bet. You can order anything from catalogs these days. Additionally, many of the catalog families work together, so when you get a credit card for one catalog company, you may be able to use it for a number of their sister catalogs. The best catalog credit cards offer points for every dollar you spend that can lead to free merchandise or major discounts as you add them up.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Do you have someone in your family that loves to travel? Or maybe you are the big traveler. Either way, the best travel rewards credit cards on the market can let you do your Christmas shopping and get some great trips out of it as well. Imagine giving a family member a round trip ticket to see someone they haven’t seen in years. They’ll think you spent a fortune. You’ll know it was just cashing in the points you had earned on your card. Additionally, if you are the traveler, you can charge all your holiday purchases on your best travel rewards credit cards, let the points pile up and then be ready to take a trip to recover from the busy holiday period.

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