Remove Palisades Collection From Your Credit Report

Palisades Collections is a collection agency.  They are a subsidiary of Asta Funding. They collect on unpaid phone bills from AT&T and other unsecured debt.

There are many reports from individuals that have been contacted regarding an AT&T account these individuals dispute the account ever existed. Palisades has also been accused of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act a piece of legislation that was passed to protect the rights of individuals from debt collectors.

They do not have a website and reportedly outsource incoming calls overseas. Thus even just finding a mailing address for them can be a task in it self.

They are located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and allegedly are headquartered in Wisconsin. Asta Funding the parent company does not provide any contact information for Palisades on their website even though they are both part of the same organization.

If any collection agency is contacting you the logical first step is to request validation of the debt. With Palisades Collection there are reports of people requesting validation of a debt and their request was just ignored.

If seems as though Palisades Collection is able to operate with complete immunity from the law. So your options to deal with them are restricted.

Instead of having communications with them, I recommend disputing the negative listing they have made. You dispute the listing with the credit bureaus by sending in a sample dispute letter. In this letter you must explain why the negative listing is inaccurate. Reasons include; the account is not yours, never paid late, account is paid in full, just to name a few.

There are allegations that Palisades has purchased individuals private information and then created fake accounts to try and collect on. There are multiple allegations of them engaging in this behavior.

You can also hire a professional credit repair firm that has attorneys working there to deal with Palisades Collection. This can be done relatively inexpensively and this will guarantee that your rights are protected from an unsavory collection agency.

You should use caution when communicating with Palisades. You should do this because they can take the communications you have with them and use that information in a court of law to prove your guilt over a debt.

In sum, use caution with Palisades Collection. I suggest hiring a professional to help remove a listing created by them. I also recommend not having any contact with them because they are not going to be concerned with anything you have to say outside of “here is my payment.”

Source by Justin Hutto

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