Remove Midland Credit Management From Your Credit Report

Midland Credit Management is a collection agency and they collect on telecom accounts, credit cards, and other unsecured debts. They are a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group.

Midland Credit Management is located in San Diego, Phoenix, and Minnesota. Their parent company Encore Capital Group is traded on the NASDAQ.

They purchase debt from creditors and other collection agencies. They claim to work with the customer to set up re-payment plans or lump sum settlements.

However they have a reputation of actively using arbitration. This means they frequently will file a court claim in hopes of getting a civil judgment against you.

If you can avoid a judgment I strongly encourage you to. If you have a negative listing from Midland I would dispute this listing directly with the credit bureaus.

To dispute this mark you can do it yourself or hire a credit repair company. If you do it yourself you will have to craft a sample dispute letter.

In this letter you simply give the specifics about the negative mark and the reason that it is incorrect. Then you place this letter in the mail.

If you only have one or two negative marks that you need to have removed then you should dispute these marks yourself. However if you have multiple marks then you should consider a professional firm to dispute them on your behalf.

A credit repair company will track and monitor you disputes and stay on top of the credit bureaus and their stall tactics. This company will also draft a “valid” dispute letter to start the investigation.

It is frequent for credit bureaus to respond to a dispute letter by asking for more information about the dispute. The bureaus do this in an attempt to frustrate the individual into giving up on the process.

The bureaus want you to give up on the process because otherwise it will cost them to investigate a dispute. This money would otherwise be profit for the credit bureaus.

The credit repair companies frequently get the bureaus to hold an investigation faster than an individual can. This is probably due to the companies having credit attorneys that are well versed in credit laws, and the bureaus being fearful of being sued. The bureaus must be compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

This act makes bureaus legally responsible to investigate a disputed mark and delete that mark if it is inaccurate or unverifiable.

In sum, the law is on your side and you have every right to dispute the accuracy of any mark on your credit report. You do not have to keep paying the high cost of bad credit.

Source by Justin Hutto

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