Reasons why you are Over Charged on your Credit Card

Credit cards are considered more safe these days than cash. You can conveniently shop from anywhere in the world anytime. Though mistakes and misunderstandings can happen sometimes and as a result merchants can charge you more than the actual cost of the product. You can also be charged for the transactions that didn’t took place in actual.

If you find you’ve been charged too much or in error, you can always dispute the charge. For guidance read the directions on the back of the credit card statement. This will explain you what to do if you need to dispute a charge and they include the mailing address. You can not dispute a charge by phone, as you won’t be having any written record of the conversation.

Following are some examples of reasons that cause people to dispute a credit card charge:

Wrong Order: If the service provider sends you the wrong order and refuses to make the order right, your credit card can help you in getting what you ordered or get your money back if you dispute the transaction.

An Unauthorized Charge: If you didn’t buy a product or pay for a service that appears on your statement, and you did not allowed anyone else to use your card to make that purchase, it would be considered as an unauthorized charge.

Incorrect Amount: If you are paying for a $ 5 item but a $ 50/500 fee appears on your billing statement, you can dispute the charge in order to get the difference back as it was an erred transaction.

Goods not Received: If you ordered something online or by phone, or even at a retail shop for a later delivery and the product never arrives, this is a cause for a dispute. When you don’t receive the items you ordered, you shouldn’t pay for them.

Uncompleted Services: When you pay a contractor or service provider for services rendered and they are unable to complete the services according to the agreement, you can dispute the charge.

Returned Goods not Credited: If you return products to the store or through the mail because they are not what you expected or not the correct items – the money should be refunded to your credit card. In case if you’ve returned the products but not received a refund in the stated number of days, you should dispute the transaction.

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