Money for Motorcycle Trips – Cash or Credit cards? What you have to know?

Everything you have to know about motorcycle trips and money.

When we travel we need money that is obvious, but in what currency, credit or debit cards? How to hide it, where to change it, keep it and many more questions. In this video I will answer all of these questions.

When you plan your first trip, you have so many things to worry about that you almost forget about the money. I am not talking about the cost of the tip, I am sure that you already found enough information how much exactly will cost you. If not, I have detailed video about it and you can watch here. It is obvious that you going to need money, but you never really think in what currency, credit or debit cards? I don’t have one universal answer, because it’s really depends from the destination you going to travel, but I can give you 3 very useful tips. They will work in 99% of the countries around the world.

N:1 – Split the money
Let me explain you what I mean. Everybody knows about the cash. When you have it all the doors are open. Yes, they are, but to carry a lot of money in cash is not the best solution you can have. You can lose it, forget it somewhere, you can be robbed, and they can burn, if you keep it in your luggage for example or if you have accident and your clothes are rubbish or need to be removed for surgery. In any of these cases you don’t have control on your cash. I always split the money, 50% Cash and 50% credit card. Let me give you more details: Every time, when I have this possibility of course, I pay with card. The cash I keep for the cases when that is not going be possible. In Europe, all petrol stations and almost every hotel or restaurant accept credit cards. Actually these are the main costs at any trip – hotels, petrol and food. If you can pay for that service with credit card, you don’t need to carry so much cash. The cash you will need it when you go to places like Asia, South America or Africa. Even there in the big cities you can still use your cards. I said split the money on cash and cards, but you also need to split the cash on two or three different places. Keep enough in your pocket, to cover your daily expenses. Some notes in your wallet, in case someone want to take it from you and the rest hide somewhere. Where exactly – I don’t know – I am not going to tell you my secret place.

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