Merchant Services – A Vital Decision For Business Owners

Merchant Services from CNG Business Services are offered in conjunction with the Bank of Scotland. CNG Business Services’ Merchant Services include the best credit card payment processing system which is offered at a really competitive rates. The processing charges for credit services stand at 1.24% while for debit cards they are 14.5p.

The compact credit card processing system requires minimal set up, and little space making it just suitable to be placed on the countertop. The functionality of the system is very simple and works noiselessly causing practically no disturbance to colleagues. You can also check out wireless and integrated EPOS solutions available in Credit Card processing systems. CNG Business services assures their users a very secure environment as its terminals are fully chip and PIN compliant making card payments very safe and secure.

Additionally, when you install CNG merchant services, you can accept credit cards or debit cards either over the counter, over the phone, online or even through mail. The charges are levied as per the period that the Credit Card payment processing systems are hired and the sector. For example, Confectionery, Tobacco and News – CTN or Non CTN – whichever is appropriate. There is a joining fee of £50 for those businesses belonging to the Non CTN sector.

The minimum rental agreement stands for a 5 year period. The monthly terminal rental rates begin from £11.95 (exclusive of VAT) irrespective of the sector. The cost of merchant services depends upon the credit cards used, the tenure of rental and also on the value of the transactions processed annually. Apart from Credit cards, you can also process Visa Debit and Maestro Cards too.

CNG Business Services understands your business requirements very well. It will undoubtedly be your best decision when you opt for merchant services from CNG. For further details and information on credit card processing system, it would be ideal for you to visit

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