Letter of Credit with Example Part-2 [in Hindi]

Hello friends. In this video you will learn the following concepts of Letter of credit of Bank Financial Management for CAIIB and JAIIB :
letter of Credit | Lc | letter of credit meaning | letter of credit basics
what is letter of credit,
Letter of Credit – Banking Credit Analysis Process (for Bankers)
LC-Letter of Credit
Letter of credit in Hindi
example of letter of credit,
types of letter of credit,
what is acceptance credit,
what is time credit,
what is bill discounting,
discounting of bill,
what is irrevocable credit,
what is confirmed credit,
what is revocable credit,
what is with recourse and without recourse credit,
what is back to back credit,
what is anticipatory letter of credit,
what is Red clause letter of credit,
what is Green clause letter of credit,
what is revolving letter of credit,
To make it understandable, everything has been explained in Hindi.

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