Curadebt Review — Is Curadebt Real ?


• started in 1996 to provide debt management, negotiation and consolidation.
• full accreditation from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) since November 2001 and has A+ rating.
• different options available: #1.simple consultation planning #3.debt management #4.complete debt settlement plan.

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Curadebt Review — Is Curadebt Real ?

• Curadebt offers a complimentary initial consultation. To receive this free advice, you may set up an appointment with a counselor by making a request online. The free consultation is over the telephone so it is important that your name, phone number and current debt level be entered correctly.

• If you decide to proceed with their debt management program, the team at Curadebt will assume the managment of your financial and legal position. Their experience and knowledge of the banking and financial system will ensure that your creditors, law firms and/or collection agencies will be effectively dealt with. These include negotiations to settle your debt for less and/or improving your payment plans significantly.

• Fee paid to Curadebt is based solely on success. Essentially this charge is based only on a percentage of the sum of money you can save on your debts.

• Curadebt collectively negotiate for all their clients, that signifies that they are dealing with debt than are much higher than yours alone.

• To illustrate, suppose Curadebt negotiate with a credit card company for 30 clients with around $15,000 in debt from each. This implies that they’re in reality negotiating an aggregate of $450,000, rather than just the $15,000 that they’d be talking terms for just one person. This provides Curadebt the lot more leverage to be able to negotiate much better terms for their clients.

Cura debt only accepts clients that have more than $10,000 unsecured debt. If your unsecured debt is less than $10,000, it would be better to seek advice from Care One Credit.

Source by Jay Williams, Debt Expert

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