Credit Education Seminar – Become a CREDIT EXPERT in 60 minutes!

This is an AMAZING Credit Education Seminar – Basically everything you need to know about your credit and how to improve it.

Visit for more information.

*** Learn Everything About Your Credit in 1 Hour ***

This 60 minute video will give you EVERYTHING you need to know about credit, credit scores and how to build and optimize your credit reports.

** No Sales, Nothing to Buy, No Gimmicks ***

Call (800) 811-3078 or visit for an expert to review your credit reports and give you advice.

Your Credit Impacts:

* Home & Vehicle Loans
* Personal / Business Loans
* Insurance Rates
* Employment Eligibility
* Opportunities / Borrowing Power

Your Credit Report Contains:

* Personal Information
* Negative Accounts
* Positive Accounts
* Public Records
* Inquiries
* Consumer Statement
* Furnish-er Contact Info

Learn How To Delete:

* Judgments
* Liens
* Inquiries
* Foreclosures
* Duplicates High Balances
* Late Payments
* Charge Offs
* Repossessions
* Bankruptcy

We can help with:

* Conflicting Personal Info
* Late Payments
* Ex-Husband / Ex-Wife
* ID Theft / Fraud
* Establishing Credit
* Security Clearance
* Inaccuracies
* Questionable Information
* Inflated Balances
* Duplicate Accounts
* Excessive Inquiries
* Home Loan Preparation

The video starts slow, but by the end of the video you will be an expert on your credit and able to make much wiser financial decisions.

Again, our credit experts will provide a free, no cost consultation and review your credit reports free of charge. Call (800) 811-3078 or visit

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