Credit Cards in UAE – Know More

The UAE credit card market has grown rapidly over last few years, owing to the economic growth of the region. UAE resident accounts for almost 33% of the credit card market in the entire Middle East. Despite handsome growth and reason penetration the credit market is to prone to defaulters. Almost all the renowned international credit cards provider like MasterCard, Diners, Visa and American Express has their services in UAE.

All the companies in UAE have wide range of credit cards to suit the needs of an individual. One can avail life time free credit card to various value added features in the card. Visa classic cards in general are life time free and value added features can be availed by holding Platinum, Titanium and Gold cards.

Few of features of Platinum and Gold cards are listed below.

Travel Privileges:

Complimentary greet services and Lounges access at Dubai or Abu Dhabi international airports.

0% interest plans for 3 months along with discounts and cash back offers.

Balance Transfers: one can transfer balance from one credit card to another card and at the same time avail gift vouchers.

International money transfer facilities are also available with no or minimum charges.

Easy Cash: Cash could be transferred to your account at any hour of the day.

Cash Back: Cash back of 1% to 5% can be availed with minimum spend per month. Few credit card providers also give cash back of up to 5% on international purchase.

Rewards Point: one can also earn rewards points on every purchase they make and redeem those points against future purchases.

Insurance and Accident care: The holder can have personal and accident cover by holding just the right credit card.

The fierce competition in UAE credit card industry has forced all the players to resort to aggressive marketing and sales strategy to achieve their goals in a booming economy.

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