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One of the easiest is called Globebill. Globebill works like an escrow account, mediating between the vendor and the purchaser. Users with Globebill accounts share their credit card information with Globebill online payment solution, and internet business owners share their account information. Globebill then transfers funds. This can be a very easy and very efficient way to accept credit cards in your web site and make or receive simple online payments. The setup process is easy, the fees are relatively low, and the risk of fraud is next to nothing. Since many online shoppers already use Globebill to make purchases, this service has the potential to be convenient for both you and your customers.

“Globebill, based in Hong Kong, is the rising leader in secure online payment solutions that was founded to facilitate safe instant payments between individuals and online businesses.” the numeral of the directive The Issuing budgetary institution (or Credit card Association): validates the card number and expiration “Risk Management ¨C Sensitive data is stored in the Globe bill PCI-compliant data center, never on your computer.”

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About Globebill online payment gateway ( Globebill Payment Companies is one among the main European service providers specialized inside the processing of online payments, with more than 30.000 customers in 45 countries. The organization provides a range of electronic payment answers covering a number of areas, including e-commerce, ticketing, call centers or the hotel industry. This includes both business-to-consumer solutions and business-to-business solutions (purchasing cards). With its transactional functionalities and extensive back-office capabilities, the Globebill Payment Providers offering is one of the most comprehensive available today.

Services Globebill Provided!

Mobile and Wireless processing

Mobile businesses, and companies that sell away from a central location such as trade-shows will benefit from a wireless merchant account. Wireless processing is very diverse and some method of processing is available for any business and virtually any budget.

Ecommerce credit card processing gateway websites and other on-line processing.

Website owners, who would like to accept credit cards through their site, will need an ecommerce merchant account in conjunction with a payment gateway. These will include an on the web virtual terminal for manual entry and advanced reporting of transactions that are processed through the website., VeriSign, and our own gateway are available for any payment gateway needs.

B2B and Government processing

For companies primarily selling to other businesses, and for government agencies, a B2B merchant account will reduce downgrade charges compared to a standard merchant account. B2B merchant accounts are available for any type of processing (Retail, keyed entry, and on-line).

Your reference number is your 16 digit account number. Telephone Banking with Halifax – in case you have a Halifax Present Account you are able to pay by phone by calling 08457 20 30 40.  Your payment will commonly be credited for your account inside two hours or to make a debit card payment from another provider allow 4 working days before the payment due date for the payment to attain your account. Telephone Banking with another bank – you will need to provide these specifics:

Non-profit processing we offer a unique revenue sharing service for non-profit organizations. Non-profit companies can accept cards through software, a website or through a traditional credit card terminal, and will receive reimbursement on revenue from their processing.

Offshore Credit Card Processing

Offshore processing is available for non-US and hard to place merchants. We work with several offshore processors to provide a variety of affordable international and offshore credit card processing solutions.

Credit Card Processing Services

Credit card payment processing is available for all types of businesses based in the US. Our customers range from single person hot dog stands to billion dollar ecommerce merchant processing websites. We can provide quality, cost-effective credit card payment services for virtually any type and size of business.

Please check with your Telephone Banking provider that your payment will attain your account by the due date shown. Direct Debit – This can be for a fixed amount, the minimum amount or full month-to-month payment and you will need to provide us with your bank account number and sort code – call us on 08457 28 38 48 (If your card number begins 525303 please dial 08459 444 555) (Mon-Sun, 24 hours) to set up over the phone or request a mandate. By Post – Complete the payment slip attached to the bottom of the statement and send a check to Halifax Card Services, Pitreavie Business Park, Dunfermline KY99 4BS (if your card number begins 525303 please send a check to Card Services, Halifax (195), PO BOX 109, Sheffield, S98 1GE), or in the envelope provided with your monthly statement  – please make your check payable to the cardholder (the person whose name appears on the statement) e.g. Mr. James Brown and your 16 digit card/account number – this may be different to the way you usually write a check – please allow 7 working days for your payment to attain us. In the branch – Call into any Halifax branch– simply hand in the gyro credit slip with money or a check – please allow 4 working days before your payment to reach us by date. International Payments – When making payment from an overseas bank account you may be asked to give our Iban and Swift/Bid code.

Lost, stolen and damaged credit cards

If you lose or have your charge card stolen, you should call us immediately on 08457 20 30 99 (Mon-Sun, 24 hrs.).  We will then cancel the card and arrange for a replacement to be sent to you.

If your card is damaged, you can arrange for a replacement to be issued by calling 08457 28 38 48 (if your card number begins 525303 please dial 08459 444 555) (Mon-Sun, 24 hrs.).

Your credit card PIN

With the introduction of Chip and PIN, you will have to key your PIN when you make purchases at Chip and PIN participating retailers.  If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times, then your PIN and card will become locked.

If you use your credit card payment service to make cash withdrawals, your card will take by the money machine after nine consecutive incorrect attempts.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can now request a PIN reminder which will be sent through the post. Simply contact us on 08457 28 38 48 (if your card number begins 525303 please dial 08459 444 555) (Mon – Sun, 24 hrs.) as well as your PIN reminder will then be sent to you by post inside 3 to 5 working days.

Please note that for security purposes, we cannot provide your PIN facts over the phone.

You can change or unlock your credit card PIN at any cash machine that displays the Link symbol.  Just follow the on-screen instructions. Usually this is found inside of the pin services option.

Note: you cannot change or unlock your pin abroad

Changing your address

To update your address, complete the Change of address form and post it back to us.

If you’re an online user, a link to this form is also available online by selecting ‘Change details’ from the ‘My accounts’ page.

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You can also change your address by calling our customer services dept. on 08457 28 38 48 (if your card number begins 525303 please dial 08459 444 555) (Mon-Sun, 24 hrs.).  You will need to have your credit card when you call to change your address over the telephone.

Updating your name

To change the name on your charge card account, you’ll need to visit your local branch, taking with you your original name-change documentation (Marriage Certificate, Deed Poll, etc.).

Adding an additional cardholder

The maximum number of additional cardholders allowed is 3. The additional cardholder need to be:

Aged 18 or over – their date of birth and nationality need to be provided Primarily resident at your current address – for example, your son/daughter/dependent may be away at University, but their financial accounts remains at your address An immediate family member – spouse, partner, parent, brother, sister, grandparent or dependent

To add a new cardholder or to remove/amend an existing cardholder (amendments apply to name and nationality only), please contact us on 0845 28 38 48 (if your card number begins 525303 please dial 08459 444 555) Mon-Sun, 24 hrs.

Please note that additional cardholders will not be able to view the credit card on-line.

As principal cardholder, you are responsible for all transactions made on any additional cards. If the additional card is withdrawn, you should retrieve and destroy the card, during which time you are still liable for all transactions made utilizing that card.

If for any reason you cannot retrieve the card, please call the card services team on the number shown on the reverse of your card.

We offer you merchant account remedies for businesses that offer you investment program this kind of as Investment Seminars and Investment Clubs. Historically corporations that offer investment related programs have had a difficult time getting merchant services.

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