Welcome back to my NACA review/ information journey. I started with NACA in September 2015 with a dream of home ownership. You may have found this video because you have the same dream but you may have bad credit, no credit or good credit but not sure where to start. Where ever you are credit wise,you CAN be a homeowner!!! And NO you will not have to put a crazy amount of money down, actually NO DOWN PAYMENT!!!

What is NACA? NACA (The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) is a non-profit HUD-approved community advocacy and home ownership membership organization. They work to keep the American dream of owning a home for you and your family alive and prevent predatory lending. The process can be short or long, no matter what, it is worth it!!!! NACA will work with you!

I have a link to the NACA workbook and the site to find out when the next workshop will be for your area. If you have any questions about credit and NACA please feel free to ask below. Also, check out my other videos and like, comment and subscribe.

*I will post more video’s soon on NACA and will update you all on where i am with my process. Best wishes on your journey. Remember, it is worth it.

***EBATES is a another tool that i use. I buy any and everything online and i get cash back!!! I heart this tool.

Check out to find out ways to save money and raise your credit score.

Signing up for your local NACA workshop:

NACA PDF workbook:
Page 38 about Credit
Page 18 10 steps to owning your home
Page 31 about Preliminary Budget Form
Page 45 about Purchase Price Calculation

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