Are you an NRI, with family in India?

If you are from India and have a home and family back there, you know that with great power comes a great electricity bill, and often times a great deal of anxiety! With summer in full glory, air-conditioners are working overtime – and we wish our money would work overtime too. The average Indian spends about Rs.3500 per month on electricity; that number simply multiplies during the summer months. As if the increased electricity consumption is not enough, the charges for electricity are steadily climbing, making the monthly electricity bill a panic attack inducer.

Here is the good news: you can help your family out with electricity bill payments in India even if you are an NRI. Oxigen USA makes it possible for you to pay electricity bills in India, directly from the USA, without any extra fees or hassles. Since you can use a US credit or debit card to make the payment, you don’t have to wait for a money transfer to India to kick in or direct funds to a bank and then wait for your family to forward that payment towards their electricity bill. When you pay a bill through Oxigen USA there are no transaction fees and no other hidden fees, and you only pay as much as you need to to settle your bill.

Oxigen USA is the US branch of Oxigen India, which connects about 200 million Indians with its payment solution networks. Oxigen USA leverages that vast, established network to provide the best exchange rate in the market for Indians in America. Click here to a comparison of rates between Oxigen USA and other international payment providers.

On top of an already good deal, Oxigen USA’s current promotional offer gives Rs.70 per dollar (as opposed Rs.60-something based on the current exchange rate for today) when you make a bill payment in India. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Even if your family doesn’t entirely depend on you to make their monthly payments, paying a bill in India directly from the USA has more than one advantage to it, the most obvious benefit being that the bill payment you make from the USA will be saving them hundreds of rupees without burning a hole in your pocket. While that covers the financial aspect, there also is an emotional side to managing your family’s bill payments in India: you are sparing your family the anxiety attached with the payment of the bill, and believe it or not, that can be a huge relief, and a true gift! Not to mention that paying a bill for your family India will make you feel like the most responsible person around, because not only are you lending a helping hand with running the household, you are also letting your family know that you care enough to think of something like an electricity bill even though you are miles away. That kind of reassurance is priceless.

So, if you haven’t thought of paying an electricity in bill in India because you felt your family has it all sorted out already, surprise them! Give it a try and let us know about your experience! We look forward to hearing from you.


Source by Swetha Sarathy

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